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 PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:47 am 


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A book about Live

As some of you may still remember, around 4-5 years ago I wanted the board to write a book about Live. Now I am getting ready with this project again. So, if anyone is willing to participate, feel free to express your thoughts right here.

The project starts here:


So, guys, as I have already stated in the Chad Taylor letter thread, back in 2003 I started my own project over at WFT, where I wanted all the fans to participate and write a book about our fave band> I wanted to gather ALL the possible interviews, loads of pictures and fans' show reviews spanning all the Live carreer.

It was there for about a year as a huge cathegory, but then people started losing their interest in the band and I deleted it all with a heavy heart

But now's the time. After we received the reply from Chad and we got Good_Pain's and swami's posts about them writing a book, it got me thinking again.

My friends, why not start creating a compilation of our own right fucking NOW and right fucking HERE?

We can either have a thread or a whole new cathegory (if Dan is kind enough) and I am eager to help moderating it and keep the project going. But for now we can compile the fan's thoughts and reviews and what not all through the years of following our fave band.

When we get it done (in several months, days or decades wahaha) someone who goes to a gig can have it printed and give it to the band during the meet and greet. OR even before or during the show, as, for instance, my recordings were handed to Adam while on stage during the shooting of Paradiso...

So, my friends, any thoughts? Who wants to participate in the project, help and get it running?

Once again, with this post I can say that I will eagerly moderate and run this project for as long as needed.


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