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 PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:09 pm 


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Chad T's new blog

Exclusive Blog: Chad Taylor on LIVE, The Gracious Few, and Fearless Creativity

Chad Taylor, founding member of Live and The Gracious Few, blogs about Liveís 8th studio album, the future of The Gracious Few, a new syndicated radio show and his record label. Most importantly, he says, ďIím not going to let anyone dictate the terms of my creativity.Ē

I was in a rhythm writing frequently but so many exciting things started happening that I was having a hard time getting to the blog. Iím back and I have a ton to share with you.
My great friend Dennis Rodman was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I think I cried more than D when he was giving his speech. D is a character like no other but the guy has the warmest heart and is so passionate about music. I would watch him play basketball and I would want to equal his energy on stage. I would go all out, just like he did. I just had a better haircut (Iím laughing). t was great to see someone who worked as hard as he did get the recognition he deserved.

I spoke to Dennis that morning and I could tell he was going to be emotional and honestly, I wanted the world to see the guy I know Ė and I think they did.

Just like D, I too often wear my heart on my sleeve. I talk too loud, laugh too much and even find myself crying at the smallest things. Iím like a big raw open spectacle. Iíve got a tough temper too. I would sooner punch you than debate. All of these things have gotten me into trouble throughout my life but theyíve also fueled my songwriting and performance. I wonder how I would have ever survived a normal day job?

Iíve worked hard to find some balance and at times find it but I live on the edge. I feel like the fans of LIVE and The Gracious Few have afforded me this incredibly rich life and I owe it to them to take my own emotions to the limits.

Itís not all fun. There has been serious fallout in my life because of this irrational love for playing music.

Itís what I love and itís what Iíll do for the rest of my days. Donít get me wrong, I donít regret a fucking thing. I love our fans and Iíve really dedicated my life to you.

So LIVE are beginning to work again. We dusted off a few of the old tunes only a few weeks ago and man it felt great. The raw energy of The Gracious Few helped bring a much needed new spark to the tunes. Iíve got to be honest, I didnít know how I would feel about playing those songs but in the end, the chemistry is so strong, things just fell into place.

Iíve got to admit I was shocked at the power of our music after such a long break. LIVE fans are going to be amazed at what we roll out and thatís no bullshit. This is the real ďWhite DiscussionĒ bombast that weíve all wanted to returnÖ. Yeah, enough talk, Iíll let the music speak for itself.

LIVE launched its new fan community called www.freaks4live.com. Weíre giving away a previously unreleased LIVE track for anyone who drops in and registers his or her email address. For those who promote on social media, weíre giving away some pretty amazing prizes. Maybe my mom will cook you dinner?

Weíve also recorded our pilot for THINK LOUD with LIVE, a syndicated radio show that will showcase many of our peers from the 90s. The pilot features Peter Klett and Kevin Martin of Candlebox fame. There will also be several previous unreleased LIVE tracks played throughout the pilot! The show just has tons of killer music and weíll be recording shows from all over the world. This is certainly a really exciting look into LIVE music from a brand new perspective. I said I was loudÖha.

Kevin Martin and Sean Hennesy are playing shows with Candlebox, so The Gracious Few are on hold for a bit. Weíre talking about recording some new material before the years end. Weíre even going to release some things through social media in the next few weeks. Iím sure Iíll post more here on the blog. I miss these boys so much and I canít wait to see them in the fall. Everything has a season.

Questionable Entertainment, the record label founded by Chad Gracey, Kevin Martin, Patrick Dahlheimer and I is going strong. Weíre just about to sign our next artist but I canít say who just yet. Anyone who might what to invest and come into the inner circle can contact brian.smith@questionableentertainment.com This really is a chance to help discover authentic musicians and songwriters. Weíre just so excited to be able to give back and share our experience with other artists.

Weíve got a few other big announcements but the guys might kill me if I drop it too soon.
On a deeply personal front (just got to get this off my chest) Ė Iím not going to let anyone dictate the terms of my creativity! Music is my great freedom and from it I truly derive a great understanding of my higher self. No person should ever think they can take that away from me. For that, I would throw any balance or safety to the side. If you want what was, then buy the old records and have at it. Iím moving down the line in a fucking rocket ship fueled by LIVE, The Gracious Few or who knows what else.

Hopefully, youíll be right there with meÖ but donít think Iím going to look for your approval Ė that just wouldnít be very rock ní roll of me.

On a closing note Ė the music community lost out over the last two weeks with the Sugarland stage collapse and now the tragedy Pukkelpop. My prayers go out to the friends and families of those music lovers. Itís a pointed reminder to live each day like itís our lastÖ. might be time to pick up that old guitar.


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 PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:20 pm 


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Yep, read it via FB, love it!

Thanks for sharing down here, something I forgot,....I am not clear on this moment....needs loads of sleep....but I don't wanna Laughing

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