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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:36 am 


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New Live music comin' our way

Dear Friends of LIVE:

Chad, Patrick and I can feel your passion for our band and our music (has it really been twenty years)! It's a rush every time we hear from you! It still amazes me that our music found a worldwide audience that has remained loyal for so long. Now we can hear from you directly through social media and we've been paying attention. We've read your FB posts and know how much you want to see a new LIVE album and tour dates.

We also know how much you want to see a reunion too and we made efforts to try and meet with Ed. Unfortunately, it's not the right time for the original lineup to come together. Ed remains committed to his solo efforts and we've been busy promoting The Gracious Few (all of us spending some much needed time with our families). At this point, everything remains positive between Chad, Patrick and I and we deeply appreciate your support throughout the hiatus. We can sympathize with your angst surrounding Ed's departure. His magical lyrics touched all of our lives for so many years. On many levels he can never be replaced. Only Ed can determine his future and right now he is unresponsive regarding LIVE; so we must move forward without him.

We ask that our history with each other be respected and that no ill will be charged towards Ed for following his dreams. If you really are a LIVE fan, then you'll heed our emotional and spiritual right to be free and creative. I believe in Ed's right to pursue music on his own terms, just as I believe in my own. This doesn't mean that LIVE is through, in fact, I think the limitations of the band have been lifted and we can create without the confines of the garage. LIVE brought people together and uplifted spirits, all while rocking out! With any luck, nothing will tarnish this legacy and our music can continue to bring joy to the masses. LIVE can live on in many shapes and forms.

Don't worry, there will be new LIVE music on the horizon! Recently, we have begun to focus on a new era of truly exciting projects surrounding our catalog of hit songs and even new recorded material! It may involve non-traditional LIVE tours, festivals, fan gatherings, mobile applications, outtakes, b-sides, rarities and a fresh take on many of the classic LIVE songs we all love. We will be back in the studio as LIVE before you know it! Truthfully, we're only beginning to get a handle on the numerous possibilities being presented to us. Please be patient while we dial in the right mix of new and old.

It's our goal to keep the music of LIVE fresh and relevant. We know that there are many generations of music lovers who will also need the power and integrity of our music and we wish to share it with them.

This transition hasn't been easy on our fans and we have always cared deeply for you. We're not looking to be the next Van Halen or Motley Crue but we do know we have an obligation to the millions of fans who have supported LIVE to carry on the flag. No one can appreciate your pain more than the band itself. It hasn't been easy to say goodbye to an entire era of our lives. Chad, Patrick and I have found great strength and faith in each other. Our ability to forgive and forge ahead as a unit is no doubt a credit to the support you've shown us since Mental Jewelry or even Public Affection. There is still a ton of rock n' roll to be made. That's what I know.

Chad Taylor - guitarist for LIVE and The Gracious Few

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 PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:50 pm 


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I seriously love this man Very Happy

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:25 am 


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Reading this definitely made my day. Very Happy I really hope they do come out with the alternative recording of Secret Samadhi...

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